Welcome from BPW-HK 2nd Vice President & Chair of Projects

Jo FokHello, and what an honour to be working with a group of dynamic women like yourself in creating a new future for women and the world at large.

I am a producer and film maker, also an educator and passionate for social change through peace activism. There is no better way than women working together, we are naturally nurturing, caring, resourceful, loving and kind; when faced with a real challenge we literally have the strength and power to move mountains…need I say more ?

I see that we are now in the renaissance of the feminine principle guided by love and wisdom. This is our time to unite both our masculine and feminine qualities to create a shift, for me this is far beyond being a feminist or gender equality, it’s about supporting each other to harness our smart power and live our full potential for a world we all want.

I am so thrilled to be working with you, learning and playing together with you all.

For the beauty of our mother earth and all the women in the world,

With Love and Gratitude,