Welcome from the BPW-HK Student Coordinator

Michelle - photo

I’m Michelle, a full-time student at Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and also a founder of a beauty/wellness social company named Miscato. Founders of Miscato are brought together by our longing to create a loving working environment and career progression for low income women, and similarly members of BPW are brought together by the same vision to create a better tomorrow for women around the world. While the vision may sound very big and abstract for some people, every contribution we make for that vision is a building block for our dream. For us, student members of BPW Hong Kong, our contribution starts from getting involved in the planning and execution of programs by BPW Hong Kong. Being an international organization that has been around for decades, and well-known for its contributions to the field of women empowerment, there is no question that we could gain a lot from this organization. The question is, what can we give for BPW Hong Kong, and how do we prepare ourselves to become the future leaders of this organizations?
Your fellow sister,