New Year Greetings

Happy New Year

from BPW Hong Kong!


We ‘accomplished greatness’ in 2014 with the renewal of BPW in Hong Kong, following a year’s hard work. Now, our 50 members — including 17 Young BPW, 9 ExCo, and 12 additional leaders plus 3 advisors — are busily preparing our projects and programmes!

Highlights for 2016:

We will hold an International Womens’ Day Forum, open to the public, on Saturday 05 March;

Our Girl Power Hong Kong! project-to-programme, funded by the HK government Women’s Commission and in collaboration with the HK Education Bureau, will be launched in February;

We will have our first Global Skills training session, designed by our own BPW Hong Kong Global Skills Taskforce, on Saturday March 19;

Young BPW-HK will hold a Young Professionals Forum Series, 5-6 times during the year;

We’re developing both our Women Invest and our Mother Earth taskforces, as well as our Mentoring programme — including, Reverse Mentoring;

AND, We’ll twin with 6 BPW clubs on 5 continents!

And Much More! Come Join the Excitement! Become Empowered, with BPW Hong Kong!