Effective Public Speaking: Louise Sullivan

One of our speakers at our upcoming Young Leaders Forum: Louise Sullivan: Louise is a Practice Leader for Vanto Group in Asia and has worked throughout the Asia Pacific region for over 18 years holding management positions, and HR consulting roles. Louise has been in the transformation industry for over 12 years delivering programs to individuals andContinue reading “Effective Public Speaking: Louise Sullivan”

Effective Public Speaking: Shveitta Sharma

One of our speakers at our upcoming Young Leaders Forum: Shveitta Sharma: Chief Happiness Officer and Founder of School of Happiness, Shveitta Sethi Sharma is a sought after speaker, coach and facilitator. She has been spotlighted on Tedx HKUST, RTHK-radio television Hongkong, selfgrowth.com, ezinearticles.com, Buddhist Door publication, Ted Tuesday and various in-house corporate magazines, and isContinue reading “Effective Public Speaking: Shveitta Sharma”

Contemporary Women’s Issues Forum

Our moderators at our annual forum, “Contemporary Women’s Issues,” on 13 April: Judy Tam, MSc (Edinburgh), BPW Hong Kong project leader for the “Young Leaders Forum Series,” is an active volunteer leader in a variety of non-profit social groups. She is committed to contributing to society by providing young adults in Hong Kong with different educationContinue reading “Contemporary Women’s Issues Forum”

Girl Power! Adolescent Empowerment

Our 7th presentation at our annual forum, “Contemporary Women’s Issues,” on 13 April: Girl Power! Adolescent Empowerment Girls’ loss of self-confidence at the onset of adolescence is well-documented, and girls of this age are especially vulnerable and in need of empowerment. This presentation will outline the challenges facing female adolescents, and will describe the GIRL POWER HONGContinue reading “Girl Power! Adolescent Empowerment”

Gender Equality and Environmental Sustainability: Powerful Synergy

Our 6th presentation at our annual forum, “Contemporary Women’s Issues,” on 13 April: Gender Equality and Environmental Sustainability: Powerful Synergy The connection between gender equality and environmental sustainability has only recently been made, in a report by UNDP and an index by IUCN. This presentation will: (1) Define gender equality, environmental sustainability, and “green economy”; (2) ExplainContinue reading “Gender Equality and Environmental Sustainability: Powerful Synergy”

Women Invest: CSR and Women’s Buying Power

Our 5th presentation at our annual forum, “Contemporary Women’s Issues,” on 13 April: Women Invest: CSR and Women’s Buying Power According to research, women are involved in 70-80% of consumption, be it through their buying power or their influence in purchasing decisions. This entails drastic amount of responsibility women around the world hold and the increasing importanceContinue reading “Women Invest: CSR and Women’s Buying Power”

The Power of Mentoring

Our 4th presentation at our annual forum, “Contemporary Women’s Issues,” on 13 April: The Power of Mentoring The value of mentoring cannot be overstated, and is well supported by recent business literature and trends. In addition to the classic model, one recent business trend is for ‘reverse mentoring’ – younger-to-elder, typically based on rapidly changing businessContinue reading “The Power of Mentoring”