The Power of Mentoring

Our 4th presentation at our annual forum, “Contemporary Women’s Issues,” on 13 April:

The Power of Mentoring

The value of mentoring cannot be overstated, and is well supported by recent business literature and trends. In addition to the classic model, one recent business trend is for ‘reverse mentoring’ – younger-to-elder, typically based on rapidly changing business models and the integration of social media. From the BPW International website: “Mentoring is a learning process that involves a skilled or experienced person (the mentor) with a less experienced, less skilled person (the protégée, or mentee). The goal is to provide opportunities for the protégée to continually develop her skills and knowledge, thereby enhancing her success. Mentoring is based on the sharing of experiences. The protégée wants to learn from the experiences of the mentor. A mentor is not paid for her work.”

Nora Hussin

Dr Nora Hussin, Chair of the BPW Hong Kong Mentoring taskforce, is currently a Senior Lecturer at the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology. Dr Nora received her PhD and Master in Applied Linguistics at the University of Hong Kong, and a Bachelor in English, Literature and Education at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. She manages and consults on business and corporate communications, and educational training for both adults and children. Driven, creative and innovative, Dr Nora focuses on empowerment through education.


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