Gender Equality and Environmental Sustainability: Powerful Synergy

Our 6th presentation at our annual forum, “Contemporary Women’s Issues,” on 13 April:

Gender Equality and Environmental Sustainability: Powerful Synergy

The connection between gender equality and environmental sustainability has only recently been made, in a report by UNDP and an index by IUCN. This presentation will: (1) Define gender equality, environmental sustainability, and “green economy”; (2) Explain the links between them; (3) Highlight some of the barriers in tackling this issue in a global context; (4) Provide examples of pockets of action that have occurred across the world to address gender equality and environmental sustainability with particular focus on the link between the two; (5) Discuss local issues/examples; and, (6) Propose a practicum and what we may do in advocacy for gender-equal representation in environmental policymaking.

Anna Robb

Anna Robb, Mother Earth taskforce chair for BPW Hong Kong, is the General Stage Manager and Technical Director of “The House of Dancing Water,” a multi-million dollar aquatic theatre show in Macau. She lives in Macau with her husband and two children. Originally from Australia, Anna has spent the last 10 years working / living in London, Las Vegas, Montreal, Belgium and Macau and has spent her entire career in the arts. She is a long-time advocate for environmental concerns.


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