BPW Hong Kong raised over HK$10,300 for RainLily to support victims of sexual violence! 🚺🎀

Thank you for all our members and donors contributing to this good cause. 💪🏼🥰 The fund raised went into providing webcams and headsets to allow their social workers to move the 24/7 crisis hotline center☎️ to a virtual consultation🖥️. This setup helps expand the capacity of people RainLily can reach and support.

BPW Hong Kong also donated 1,388 face masks😷 of ASTM level 2 qualification (equiv. BFE and PFE >99%) to allow their staff to visit domestic violence victims in hospitals to provide intervention. Thank you for all your support in these difficult times!

We hope you are in good health, and BPW Hong Kong’s committee can’t wait to see all our sisters in-person, hopefully soon! 🤩❤️

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