Welcome from our Chief Happiness Officer

Shveitta Sharma

Dear BPW members,

Thank you for appointing me the Chief Happiness officer. It’s an honor and a privilege and I look forward to serving you in the best way I can.

One of my teachers once told me, “Be the person that walks into the room and the room lights up, and not the one who walks out and the room lights up.” I have since then made it my mission to leave the room a little brighter and happier.

Happiness is not a pursuit, it’s an awakening. It’s something that lies within all of us but just as a musk deer runs wild looking for the musk that lies within, we too run amok looking for happiness. It is my sincerest endeavor to help you unveil this intrinsic quality that lies within all of us.

Let’s all SMILE – (support, motivate, inspire, love, encourage) in the knowledge that we have each other to depend on.

I look forward to meeting all of you in person and continuing on this journey together.

Much love and happiness.

Shveitta Sethi Sharma