Our Work

The work of BPW Hong Kong falls under 3 main categories:

  • Advocacy for women’s issues — with local / national governments, United Nations, and more — in areas related to career, labour market, and financial independence with special foci on Equal Pay, and Women in Leadership (both corporate and government);
    • In January 2018, BPWHK submitted a paper to Legislative Council’s sub-committee on Children’s Rights regarding child care service review in Hong Kong to advocate equal share of child care responsibilities between parents, to release potential labour force of female. The paper can be accessed at: http://www.legco.gov.hk/…/pape…/hs10120180113cb4-379-9-e.pdf
    • In June 2018, BPWHK submitted a paper on the implementation of CEDAW in Hong Kong (BPWHK – CEDAW Submission)
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  • Community initiatives to empower women and girls;
    • Girl Power Hong Kong! (previous)
    • Regular thematic luncheon to discuss women’s issues:
      • Jan 30, 2018 Breaking the Glass Ceiling
      • Jan 10, 2019 Closing the Gender Gap
      • May 17, 2019 Women in the Workplace
      • Jun 20, 2019 Parenting
    • Career Skills Workshop partnering with corporates
    • Tri-party mentorship
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  • Development (career / profession) of our members, through networking, training, mentoring, forums, and peer support.
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For Detailed 2019 Schedule, See HERE.


  • Monthly meeting / event: 2nd Wednesday 7-9pm
  • New Year’s Reception: around Chinese New Year
  • Summer (July-August) hiatus from regular programmes
  • Professional trainings: twice annually
  • Young BPW events: 2-4 annually
  • Annual General Meeting & Gala Dinner: annually in November
  • Special events may supplement this scheme

SPECIAL PROGRAMME: Young BPW [members age 18-34]


  • Advocacy: to further women’s issues through local government; chair: absent
  • Global Skills: professional training programme; chair: Kayley Lo
  • Mentoring: two tracks, classic and reverse; chair: Lena Wong


  • Membership – chair: 1st Vice President Judy Tam
  • Projects – chair: 2nd Vice President Lin Tang
  • Finance – chair: Treasurer Olivia Natacha
  • Programme – chair: Emmy Tang
  • International Relations (includes, Twinning) – chair: Tracy Shum
  • Public Relations – chair: Bamei Chang

***We encourage members to GET INVOLVED according to their interests!***