New Year Greetings

Happy New Year

from BPW Hong Kong!


We ‘accomplished greatness’ in 2014 with the renewal of BPW in Hong Kong, following a year’s hard work. Now, our 50 members — including 17 Young BPW, 9 ExCo, and 12 additional leaders plus 3 advisors — are busily preparing our projects and programmes!

Highlights for 2016:

We will hold an International Womens’ Day Forum, open to the public, on Saturday 05 March;

Our Girl Power Hong Kong! project-to-programme, funded by the HK government Women’s Commission and in collaboration with the HK Education Bureau, will be launched in February;

We will have our first Global Skills training session, designed by our own BPW Hong Kong Global Skills Taskforce, on Saturday March 19;

Young BPW-HK will hold a Young Professionals Forum Series, 5-6 times during the year;

We’re developing both our Women Invest and our Mother Earth taskforces, as well as our Mentoring programme — including, Reverse Mentoring;

AND, We’ll twin with 6 BPW clubs on 5 continents!

And Much More! Come Join the Excitement! Become Empowered, with BPW Hong Kong!

Published by BPW Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women (BPW Hong Kong), is an affiliate of BPW International, founded in Geneva in 1930. Since 1947, BPW International has maintained consultative status with the UN via ECOSOC. The primary purpose of BPW is the professional and economic empowerment of women, through UN advocacy and local actions, networking, and skills development. The work of BPW Hong Kong falls under 3 main categories: advocacy, community initiatives, and professional development. BPW Hong Kong advocates women’s issues with special foci on UN's SDG Goal 5 (Gender Equality), Equal Pay, Wellbeings, and Women in Leadership.