Women Invest: CSR and Women’s Buying Power

Our 5th presentation at our annual forum, “Contemporary Women’s Issues,” on 13 April:

Women Invest: CSR and Women’s Buying Power

According to research, women are involved in 70-80% of consumption, be it through their buying power or their influence in purchasing decisions. This entails drastic amount of responsibility women around the world hold and the increasing importance for them to make smart and ethical investment decisions. This can range from the type of products they purchase at the supermarket to which companies to invest in. Given the significance women have on any economy, it is important for women to be aware of the impact we have and to ensure that the impact will be positive not just for the economy, but for environmental sustainability, ethical issues, and gender representation.

Rebecca Isjwara - photo

Rebecca Isjwara, co-chair of the BPW Hong Kong Women Invest taskforce, is a second-year full time Indonesian student in HKUST’s Global Business program. Growing up in the archipelago, she was convinced that some parts of the world needed changing, and that she would actively take part in doing so. She represented her country for international competitions in Brazil, Thailand, and UAE, and started her own business at the age of 15. She moved to Hong Kong when she was 18 to attend HKUST, where she has been actively involved in AIESEC, the university’s peer mentoring program, and is vice president of the newly-established “Women in Leadership” community.

Nina Soliva - photo

Nina Soliva, co-chair of the BPW Hong Kong Women Invest taskforce: Originally from the Philippines, I’ve spent my entire life in Hong Kong. I’m currently undertaking a Bachelor in Business Administration majoring in Information Systems at HKUST. I’ve interned as a business analyst and business development consultant, and have been involved in more than five projects related to social entrepreneurship and technology innovation. I am interested in working as a management / strategy consultant, or business or operations analyst at an investment bank / hedge fund. My long-term goal is to merge my knowledge and experience in business and technology to found a technology company focused on improving the livelihood of populations in third world countries.


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