Girl Power! Adolescent Empowerment

Our 7th presentation at our annual forum, “Contemporary Women’s Issues,” on 13 April:

Girl Power! Adolescent Empowerment

Girls’ loss of self-confidence at the onset of adolescence is well-documented, and girls of this age are especially vulnerable and in need of empowerment. This presentation will outline the challenges facing female adolescents, and will describe the GIRL POWER HONG KONG! empowerment project for female students in 3rd-grade middle school. The project is specifically meant to assist students in assessing their strengths and designing their ongoing plan for the development of their future career path, well in advance of university or vocational school. Presenters from a variety of cultural as well as professional backgrounds serve as role models as they give a talk on their work and take students through activities of empowerment.

Louise Sullivan

Louise Sullivan, project leader for BPW Hong Kong’s Girl Power! initiative, is a Practice Leader for Vanto Group in Asia and has worked throughout the Asia Pacific region for over 18 years holding management positions, and HR consulting roles. Louise has been in the transformation industry for over 12 years delivering programs to individuals and organizations enabling breakthrough results in performance and quality of life. In 2002, Louise established and ran the Hong Kong business for Landmark Worldwide. Over the past 6 years Louise has coached and delivered leadership development initiatives to senior executives and their teams across the region. Louise has worked with leaders across a broad spectrum of cultures and industries including manufacturing, luxury brands, and finance.

Hugo Lau - photoHugo Lau, BPW Hong Kong member, graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University, majoring in Communication (Cinema and Television). An Awardee of BPWHK Scholarship in 2011 who has been in Design field for a few years and now the co-founder of a brand design company – Happyramid Ltd, excited to bring unique local HK art and design style to the world and help brand companies with a unique and positive image. Happyramid is now working with Ngong Ping 360, a local HK tourist spot company, to improve its whole image by giving its stores a fresh new look. Website:


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