BPW Hong Kong Global Skills Workshop

When you share your situation and feelings with others…
Do you ever feel like you are NOT being heard?

When people you care about share their stories with you…
Do you wonder how your response could impact them?

This program is for YOU! Join us at Unearth Your Empathic Potential
Benefits: Well-being | Connection | Relationships | Personal Growth

In the program, you will:

· Learn more about empathy and the “empathy traps” that may hinder us in life
· Self-reflect and discover personal insights to improve
· Think about what you can do to expand empathic potential for yourself on individual level and corporate level

Mya Kwan, Accelerated Learning Certified Facilitator & Course Designer

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Theme/Topic: Unearth Your Empathic Potential
Date: June 27 Saturday
Time: 11:00-13:00
Platform: Zoom
Format: Interactive workshop and CAMERA ON!

Register at: https://www.gobuddy.asia/event?et=FGzOtw1x9PHEESwx&fbclid=IwAR3RUzG3AM7X_K0yZAdMN-c1NyLj3AZpOSwSiZNupGKroQl-Pb8G88x7jHQ