1-1-1 Mentorship Program

1-1-1 Mentorship program(003)-01

Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women (BPWHK) is organizing a 3 tier mentorship program, which consists of seasoned mentors in the society, on entrepreneurship, on women’s empowerment, and on politics etc, our members (ladies with 5-10 years of work experience) will be the facilitators and work with younger generation from university. Together the team of 3 will work on a project that can solve a social issue. We are also looking to organize a pitching day in October to share the result of the social innovation program. 

Program Objectives

  • To enhance the development of members of BPWHK with a seasoned professional as their mentors and an university undergraduates as their mentees; 
  • To generate more social innovation ideas and action plans for the betterment of Hong Kong; 
  • To strengthen the #BalanceForBetter theme of IWD2019; 
  • To liaise with other organizations and associations in Hong Kong in raising awareness on women empowerment and gender equality. 

Target Participants:

Mentors: 10 seasoned professionals from various organizations and associations

Members: 10 BPWHK members with 5-10 years of work experience, middle management level in their organizations

Mentees: 10 university students with passion in social innovation