Feminine Principle and Paradigm Shift

Our 1st presentation at our annual forum, “Contemporary Women’s Issues,” on 13 April:

Feminine Principle and Paradigm Shift

What does it mean to be a woman in the 21st century?  In the post feminist era where gender equality is high on the agenda of many women organizations and communities around the world, why has the progress been so slow? As our society is getting more and more complex, women in the 21st century are playing multiple roles and facing all kinds of external demands as internal desires continue to increase. There are no doubt women are more complex than men in many ways, be it biologically or psychologically. While we are striving to expand our abilities for more or greater achievements are we truly satisfied in a deeper level as a woman? This talk will explore the deeper meaning to be feminine based on the universal and timeless feminine principles that could unleash the hidden power of each of us as we face unprecedented challenges of our current time.

Jo Fok

Jo Fok, member of BPW Hong Kong, is a Broadcast TV producer, Meaningful Media Strategist and Educator. With broad experience producing content for international broadcasters and Fortune 500 companies, she founded Marshmallow Media in 2009 to focus her skills and talent on creating meaningful content for humanity. Recent productions include ‘Beach Life’, an original Discovery Network travel series exploring alternative ways of living. Passionate about holistic education, Jo is a Mindfulness teacher and facilitator of the Pachamama Alliance’s education program with its mission of environmentally sustainable, socially just and spiritually fulfilling human presence on our precious planet. She has also founded the first TEDxYouthDay in HK, now an annual event. Website: http://www.marshmallow-media.com


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