Equality, Equity, Parity: Gender in the Workplace

Our 2nd presentation at our annual forum, “Contemporary Women’s Issues,” on 13 April:

Equality, Equity, Parity: Gender in the Workplace

The terms “gender equality,” “gender equity,” and “gender parity” are often used almost interchangeably, though their meanings are distinct. This presentation will: (1) clearly define the terms and their uses; (2) apply these concepts to the status of women in the workplace, including high-level management, corporate boards of directors, and government appointments; (3) review policy-making, both legal and corporate, for more gender-representative workplaces; (4) examine the pros and cons of quotas; and, (5) highlight current examples of such efforts both in Hong Kong and around the world. Finally, why and to whom this issue should matter, and ways to increase awareness and progress, will be explored.

Profile Photo 01 - profileDr Anne Hilty, president of BPW Hong Kong, is a psychologist, writer, and director of EastWest Psyche ltd., a global consulting firm based in Hong Kong. From New York, she has lived in East Asia since 2005. Dr Anne, a long-time advocate for women, has been a member of BPW since 2011, serving (2011-2014) as International Congress / Program Coordinator, co-chair of Congress Ambassadors taskforce, and member of PR committee and Peace & Intercultural Understanding taskforce. Website: http://eastwestpsyche.com


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The Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women (BPW Hong Kong), is an affiliate of BPW International, founded in Geneva in 1930. Since 1947, BPW International has maintained consultative status with the UN via ECOSOC. The primary purpose of BPW is the professional and economic empowerment of women, through UN advocacy and local actions, networking, and skills development. The work of BPW Hong Kong falls under 3 main categories: advocacy, community initiatives, and professional development. BPW Hong Kong advocates women’s issues with special foci on UN's SDG Goal 5 (Gender Equality), Equal Pay, Wellbeings, and Women in Leadership.