BPWHK supports: 2019 Sohn Hong Kong Investment Conference

We are delighted to announce that BPWHK supports the 7th Annual Sohn Hong Kong Investment Conference presented by the Karen Leung Foundation

The conference brings together Asia’s leading investors to support the fight against gynaecological and pediatric cancer by promoting research, education, prevention and optimal treatment.

The half-day conference will have a great line-up of investment speakers, all experienced and successful investors, who each will present a single investment idea or a market view to the Hong Kong audience.

BPWHK partnered with the Karen Leung Foundation to bring discounted tickets to our members!

Enjoy a 20% discount upon ticket purchase by using the code SOHNBPW19

More information and tickets available here: https://karenleungfoundation.org/events/2019-sohn-hong-kong-investment-conference


1:00 PM | Registration Main Stage
1:30 PM | The Sohn HK Investment Conference
6:00 PM | Cocktails