Second Blog Entry on HKGoodPost – Let’s explore the best way to release female labour force!

BPW Hong Kong’s second blog entry, written by our past president Sindy Leung and our Programme Chair Lena Wong, published by HKGoodPost:

家庭事業兩者兼備不是奢侈品 Let’s explore the best way to release female labour force!

// Since the epidemic, news of corporate failures, employee salary cuts, and dismissals have been emerging. The impacts on women’s employment is particularly severe as women are usually the main bearers of household chores. If adequate child care services are not guaranteed, even if the economy is reopened, many women will not be able to return to work or full-time jobs, and gender inequality will become more serious, which will also lead to more women and children at risk of poverty. The authors advocate for allocation of additional early childhood education sources from the government to this opportunity, so that Hong Kong women can choose the work that suit them best and achieve a balance between their career and family. //

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