Know your rights – what to do if you’re sexually harassed

We will have a conversation with Tiffany Ng, Centre-In-Charge of RainLily about sexual harassment in Hong Kong. Our President Lisa Fong will also be sharing her personal story. We will be covering: 

✔️Common misconceptions about sexual harassment in Hong Kong 
✔️Ways to handle sexual harassment encounters 
✔️What kind of support we can seek from if we face sexual harassment  
✔️Rainlily’s work on protecting and supporting sexual violence victims 

Date: June 30, 2020
Time: 1pm to 2pm
Guest: Tiffany Ng, Centre-In-Charge, RainLily
Host: Joscelin Yeung, International Relationship Chair, BPW Hong Kong
Platform: Zoom (Link to be shared)

Join us to equip ourselves with the knowledge about combating sexual harassment!