Project GenE

The Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women Association (BPW Hong Kong) is hosting the Project GenE Storytelling Competition 2020. GenE stands for Generation Equality. This storytelling contest on women empowerment will give young female participants a valuable opportunity to learn more about reputable women figures and to excel their speaking skills.

How to participate:

Students will begin by participating in a preliminary round, in which they will submit a video delivering the story of a female heroine of their own choice and share the inspiration in Chinese/English. 

The winners of the preliminary round will be able to participate in BPW Hong Kong’s Project GenE Storytelling Competition 2020 Hong Kong Final, to be held in Q3/4 2020. The Ceremony is an exciting opportunity for students to showcase their speaking skills in front of a panel of select successful celebrities in town and learn more about women empowerment in general. 

Guidance on the storytelling:

  1. Pick a female heroine you like (a historical figure / a fictional character / a real person).
  2. Do your background research on the female heroine, then look into her impacts on women empowerment.
  3. Draft the storyline and make sure the storyline is logical and clear. 
  4. Keep in mind, what you have learnt from the female heroine is crucial and you will share the inspiration.

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Published by BPW Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women (BPW Hong Kong), is an affiliate of BPW International, founded in Geneva in 1930. Since 1947, BPW International has maintained consultative status with the UN via ECOSOC. The primary purpose of BPW is the professional and economic empowerment of women, through UN advocacy and local actions, networking, and skills development. The work of BPW Hong Kong falls under 3 main categories: advocacy, community initiatives, and professional development. BPW Hong Kong advocates women’s issues with special foci on UN's SDG Goal 5 (Gender Equality), Equal Pay, Wellbeings, and Women in Leadership.