#MBSPICKS – Issue 1

Did you know that 1 in 7 Hong Kongers experience mental health issues, but only 26% of those actually seek professional help ?Nanki Luthra, Mental Health and Well-being program coordinator shared her expertise in yesterday’s workshop: “Understanding our Minds” hosted by Olivia, BPWHK’s 2nd VP in charge of Special Projects.This was the opening session of BPWHK’s Mind, Body and Soul (MBS) the new flagship series on mental health which was an interactive awareness workshop.Thank you for joining us and we look forward to seeing you in the next MBS session focusing on Mental Health First Aid!

BPWHK’s Mind, Body & Soul project – Understanding our Minds

BPWHK’s Mind, Body & Soul project presents “Understanding our Minds” with Nanki Luthra.

FREE for BPWHK members and friends, this opening session of the MBS series will cover: 
– Mental health situation in Hong Kong, what is mental health 
– Common mental health issues such as anxiety and stress
– Understanding mental health differences and similarities between men and women
– Where to seek help in Hong Kong

Register NOW at: 

Attendance is FREE for BPWHK members and friends! Invite your support network so we can all get inspired together!

BPWHK 1-to-1 Mentorship Program is NOW OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS!

We are excited to announce BPW Hong Kong’s mentorship program this year. It is a 5-month program, consisting of seasoned BPWHK Mentors from different walks of society to activate and empower personal growth in future women leaders.

We are recruiting Mentors and female Mentees from undergraduate students in Hong Kong to join our program. Together, each Mentor and Mentee pair will join hands to explore the Mentee’s personal development goals, life challenges, uncovering potential skills and talents, and prepare you for the next personal goal you set.

By the end of this 5-month engagement, each Mentees will share their own plan, progress, and learnings in their graduation & commencement ceremony. The application will be closed on 4 Sep 2020.

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Mentor Registration: https://forms.gle/G4EPXJ59R5dUb7b66

Mentee Registration: https://forms.gle/Pwf7XHQV88wG2Uun6

Happy 90th Anniversary to BPW International!

Happy Birthday to BPW International!

BPW Hong Kong gathered virtually today to celebrate this remarkable milestone. Lots of fun doing a Kahoot quiz on women’s history and BPW. Our members update each other on good news, babies, schools, public speaking, relocation, and exciting programs we have to offer (Project Gen E, Mentorship Programme, Mind, Body and Soul Project, and more!)

We sang the birthday song and blew out a virtual birthday cake. Cheers to good health and sisterhood!

Community Shaper 2030 Forum

BPWHK’s Advocacy Chair, Judy Tam, gave an gender equality talk in Community Shaper 2030 Forum on 15th Aug 2020.

The Forum is a social innovation hackathon-based event, connecting talented youths to raise awareness on inclusion, accessibility, and other social issues. Judy highlighted the major local and global gender inequality landscape & emphasized advocacy opportunities to improve the wellbeings of women with regard to United Nations’s SDG Goals.


JCI Sha Tin – Love of the Earth

BPWHK, as a supporting organisation, is glad to see the community project being promoted on Taxi Advertisement around Hong Kong. 🌏

There are 5 of these 🚗 taxies 🚗 in town during the promotion period from 1 to 31 August 2020. If you see one around, feel free to take photos of it 📸 and share them in the comment. 😍

🌏 Love of the Earth is targeting to raise awareness from the community to share our love and positive messages to all of us in facing COVID-19. We have “Love the Neighbor” 👫 to share care packs to help the needed protect themselves. We have “Love In the Air” 🎹🎼🎤🎸 to promote positive energy into our life.


Project GenE

The Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women Association (BPW Hong Kong) is hosting the Project GenE Storytelling Competition 2020. GenE stands for Generation Equality. This storytelling contest on women empowerment will give young female participants a valuable opportunity to learn more about reputable women figures and to excel their speaking skills.

How to participate:

Students will begin by participating in a preliminary round, in which they will submit a video delivering the story of a female heroine of their own choice and share the inspiration in Chinese/English. 

The winners of the preliminary round will be able to participate in BPW Hong Kong’s Project GenE Storytelling Competition 2020 Hong Kong Final, to be held in Q3/4 2020. The Ceremony is an exciting opportunity for students to showcase their speaking skills in front of a panel of select successful celebrities in town and learn more about women empowerment in general. 

Guidance on the storytelling:

  1. Pick a female heroine you like (a historical figure / a fictional character / a real person).
  2. Do your background research on the female heroine, then look into her impacts on women empowerment.
  3. Draft the storyline and make sure the storyline is logical and clear. 
  4. Keep in mind, what you have learnt from the female heroine is crucial and you will share the inspiration.

For further details, please visit https://bpwhkgene.carrd.co/. Enquires to bpwhkgene@gmail.com .

Know your rights – what to do if you’re sexually harassed

We will have a conversation with Tiffany Ng, Centre-In-Charge of RainLily about sexual harassment in Hong Kong. Our President Lisa Fong will also be sharing her personal story. We will be covering: 

✔️Common misconceptions about sexual harassment in Hong Kong 
✔️Ways to handle sexual harassment encounters 
✔️What kind of support we can seek from if we face sexual harassment  
✔️Rainlily’s work on protecting and supporting sexual violence victims 

Date: June 30, 2020
Time: 1pm to 2pm
Guest: Tiffany Ng, Centre-In-Charge, RainLily
Host: Joscelin Yeung, International Relationship Chair, BPW Hong Kong
Platform: Zoom (Link to be shared)

Join us to equip ourselves with the knowledge about combating sexual harassment!

Second Blog Entry on HKGoodPost – Let’s explore the best way to release female labour force!

BPW Hong Kong’s second blog entry, written by our past president Sindy Leung and our Programme Chair Lena Wong, published by HKGoodPost:

家庭事業兩者兼備不是奢侈品 Let’s explore the best way to release female labour force!

// Since the epidemic, news of corporate failures, employee salary cuts, and dismissals have been emerging. The impacts on women’s employment is particularly severe as women are usually the main bearers of household chores. If adequate child care services are not guaranteed, even if the economy is reopened, many women will not be able to return to work or full-time jobs, and gender inequality will become more serious, which will also lead to more women and children at risk of poverty. The authors advocate for allocation of additional early childhood education sources from the government to this opportunity, so that Hong Kong women can choose the work that suit them best and achieve a balance between their career and family. //

Check this out at : https://www.hkgoodpost.com/2020/06/01/%e5%ae%b6%e5%ba%ad%e4%ba%8b%e6%a5%ad%e5%85%a9%e8%80%85%e5%85%bc%e5%82%99%e4%b8%8d%e6%98%af%e5%a5%a2%e4%be%88%e5%93%81/

Sharing on Mentoring Models & Programmes – Leadership in BPW: Webinar Training Series

Mentoring is one of the hallmarks of BPW. Beyond the classical model, of more experienced members mentoring those who are younger / early career — what are some more innovative models, including online platforms?

Our Programme Chair, Lena Wong and Immediate Past President, Sindy Leung are sharing with Chantal Fraser, Past President, BPW Trenton & District, Ontario, Canada. Join us at 8pm June 10 HKT to learn more about the mentoring models and programmes! See you then. 

The event is FREE of charge. Please register here: https://zoom.us/…/regist…/vpMldeqtrD4s2dtTRfCMwhpRULJ7vfgGBg