Upcoming Events

NOTE: Our activities are for members only, with an occasional public event. Should you wish to attend our monthly networking dinner in consideration of joining as a member, please contact us for details. 

For our annual scheme, see HERE.

NOTEBPWHK is currently on summer hiatus. Monthly meetings, trainings and other events will resume in September; see below for details.

FALL 2017

  • SEPTEMBER Meeting: WED 13 SEP 7-9pm
  • OCTOBER Meeting: WED 11 OCT 7-9pm
  • FALL Training: WED 25 OCT 7-10pm [Intercultural Skills – Advanced]
  • NOVEMBER Event: AGM/Gala Dinner: SAT 25/11 7:30pm
  • DECEMBER Holiday Gathering: SAT 16 DEC 7-9pm

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